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Jul 30th 2012

RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership with Nordic ID and will begin to incorporate Nordic ID RFID readers into their solution systems. This partnership will allow both companies to expand their service offerings and reach new customers.

RES is known in the RFID industry for their unique and pioneering use of the technology, having applied RFID in places previously thought impossible. This innovation can be seen in RES’s entire solution suite, which encompasses everything from event management, to product delivery, to people tracking. RES’s most popular system, iTrax (formerly known as AIMS), uses RFID technology to track and manage assets. iTrax, along with RES’s other solutions, are currently in use by major corporations, worldwide.

“We are very excited to work with Nordic ID,” said Neco Can, RES founder and CEO, “We are constantly looking for new, innovative technology to incorporate into our solutions, and we have found that technology with Nordic ID. Their unique hardware allows us to expand our system capabilities, taking our solutions to the next level.”

"Our partnership with Nordic ID reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of excellence, as well as our desire to consistently strive for only the very best.", he adds.

“We are looking forward into working with RES. They have an excellent track record of innovative RFID projects, and experience to fulfill any customer need. By combining Nordic ID hardware with RES systems we have a top class offering for RFID users”, says Teemu Ainasoja, CEO and President of Nordic ID Inc.

About RES

RES is a global provider of unique, enterprise-class business solutions that are focused on optimizing operations, reducing expenses, and improving business processes using RFID and barcoding technologies.

An innovator in the RFID field, RES was the first company to use RFID technology in a moist and frozen environment with 100% accuracy, and RES leadership was responsible for the first ever retail item level tracking pilot and multi store pilot, totally 25 stores.

RES’s large suite of product offerings includes everything from user-friendly data collection tools that can be used via desktop, tablet, or mobile device, to intelligent, RFID based asset tracking applications; all of which enable companies to cost effectively manage their business information, assets, objects, kits, products, and people.

Furthermore, RES solutions have been implemented successfully across a wide range of industries, with a proven track record in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Consumer Goods, Special Events, and Security.
All RES solutions come with Consultative Professional Services, Solution Design through Live Date, Outstanding Support, and Guaranteed Accuracy.

For more information on RES, visit RES website.

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