Nordic ID Embedded RFID modules

The Nordic ID Embedded RFID modules are developed by Nordic ID and is available for anyone wishing to build their own RFID reader solution.

We provide the module in different formats; as an SMD component or mounted on a PCB for easier integration. For development purposes, the development kit provides the fastest way to test the module capabilities and to start the software development.


  • Nordic ID RFID Configurator v1.7.5

    Nordic ID RFID Configurator application can be used to save RFID settings to Nordic ID UHF RFID readers. The application can be also used for updating the firmware in the device and for tuning antennas.

    Published On Tue Oct 10, 2017

  • Nordic ID RFID Demo v1.4.5

    Nordic ID RFID Demo application can be used for testing the Nordic ID UHF RFID readers capabilities and how the various RFID settings affect the reading performance.

    Published On Fri Oct 6, 2017

  • Nordic ID Keyboard Wedge v1.0.6.3

    A keyboard wedge application for Nordic ID UHF readers. With the application it's possible to read tags and feed the tag data into an active input field.

    Published On Wed Sep 21, 2016

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