Nordic ID Morphic

Nordic ID Morphic is the most compact mobile computer in our product portfolio. It is easy to carry along, convenient to use due to its small size and intuitive but simple keyboard layout. It a robust, pocket sized option for fast data collection.


  • Pocket size portability
  • Single-hand operation
  • Versatile data collection options


  • Nordic ID Remote Tools for PC (v1.0.2.0)

    NID Remote Tools is a PC application which allows connecting to a Nordic ID mobile computer over ActiveSync connection. It provides the following functionalities: Remote display, Registry editor, File manager, Task manager, Console, Debuglog

    Published On Tue Oct 18, 2016

  • Nordic ID Customizer 2 for PC (v1.0.0.59)

    Nordic ID Customizer is a development tool that makes mass customization, deployment and version management easy. With Nordic ID Customizer you can create a package file (.pak) that consists of all the changes made to the factory settings of a handheld. The changes are taken into use by placing the .pak file in a Nordic ID device flash folder or SD card and by performing a cold boot. Please note that the Nordic ID Customizer 2 requires a free license file which can be obtained from the

    Published On Fri Oct 7, 2016

  • Nordic ID Customizer 2 Quick Guide

    Quick guide for Customizer

    Published On Fri Oct 7, 2016

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