Asset Management

RFID-based asset management solutions help organizations to identify assets, assign them to jobs and for example customers in rental business, track and locate them in use and then audit their use. RFID can be used to automatically identify a wide range of various objects, enabling organizations to create their own "Internet of things".

Asset management is one of the most interesting individual markets in the RFID business. Assets are usually tied with a lot of capital and are crucial for the business. Therefore the assets need to be easily and fast located, and Nordic ID RFID readers help in this. The application areas for RFID consider industries such as aviation and equipment management, but one of the largest sections is rental assets.

Rental assets

In rental business, the verification of the rented objects is important. Whether the object is a rental car or a garment, the object's owner needs to be aware of which items are currently rented, which are at the premises and which ones have not returned on time. RFID boosts the accuracy in the rental processes and tracks the objects while they are rented and returned.

Nordic ID boosts the rental asset business in different ways. The RFID tagged assets are visible, which leads to optimized utilization of the assets. Up-to-date pool inventory brings faster renting and return of the assets. RFID implementation saves also money as it reduces labor costs with fast identification of assets and speeds up the actual rental process. In rental business, the regular condition checks of the assets are important, and RFID provides accurate information of the asset's life cycle for maintenance and possible replacements.

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