In healthcare sector, patient safety comes first. In securing patient safety, RFID can help in different processes in several operations from item-level tracking to location and movement detection. Our customer Spain's Balearic Island's Blood And Tissue Bank uses RFID in blood bank tracking. The aim was to find the right frozen blood bag in thousands of crates, and as an outcome they find the right bags and increased significantly patient safety.

Patient tracking

Patient tracking through RFID helps the personnel to locate the patients and to confirm the right treatments and medicine.

Medicine inventory and counterfeit medicine

In patient safety, counterfeit medicine is a rising threat. RFID enables automated identification of the medicine for minimized risks. It also helps in the medicine inventory, and also in other hospital consumable inventory. RFID secures visible inventory and optimized processes, and also expiry date control. Nordic ID readers also support moisture and temperature monitoring by reading selected RFID tags with loggers.

Medical equipment

By tracking the medical equipment and other goods utilized for example in hospitals, RFID enables an automated asset management system. 

Blood bags

  • RFID helps in tracking the right blood bag out of thousands of frozen ones
  • Patient safety improves remarkably

Medicine and medical equipment

  • Counterfeit medicine is not an issue as RFID identifies each medicine
  • RFID enhances the speed of medicine inventory and enables automated asset management system

Computers and tablets

  • The devices used in the healthcare sector can be traced, which optimized their usage in working shifts and prevents losses

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