RFID is a megatrend in supply chain, logistics and manufacturing. Leading companies in the industry are seeking more increased efficiency and improved quality with the help of RFID. To open up our RFID case studies, one of our first RFID supply chain customers, Container Centralen, tagged the RTIs to achieve business benefits. The implementation was Europe-wide, and it lead to cost savings both for the Container Centralen and its customers.

Using RFID in logistics management, the tracking is helping organizations in solving the main challenge at every node in their supply chains - the lack of visibility of logistics data. Today RFID solutions are also providing tools to create more easily customer specific solutions such as sensor-based goods tracking systems.

The greatest advantages of Nordic ID for the customer consider the versatility of our products and the ability to build demanding but easy-to-use RFID solutions.

As a pioneer in RFID, Nordic ID can provide systems based on leading technology. With our vast partner network, we are able to boost your business opportunities with our expert solutions.

One of the advantages of Nordic ID RFID solutions is that we can combine RFID technology, modern mobile data communication technology with special needs such as temperature and moisture detection.

Nordic ID provides RFID products, systems and solutions for logistics management in the entire supply chain. When you need extra value for your business, we are at your service. 

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