Nordic ID is deeply and actively involved in retail and European retailers have comprehensively adopted our devices. More than 10 million chocolate bars are shelved every Monday morning in supermarkets around the continent using our mobile devices. Currently we are the market leader in Europe within Apparel RFID with a 55% market share. Our retail customers are all-in-with RFID. Fast reaction to initiate the filling of inventory gaps has led to significant growth in turnover. RFID speeds up retail in-store processes making goods-in, inventory and locating goods a hundred times faster. Shop assistants can count 250 items manually in an hour, whilst they would reach 25 000 items per hour with RFID.

Designed, Delivered, Sold

RFID enables monitoring the product throughout its lifecycle. Each Nordic ID provided RFID reading point accumulates data about the product and its whereabouts. 

Nordic ID has experience in RFID rollouts along the whole supply chain. For example, Gerry Weber and Marc O'Polo attach RFID tags to their products already at the manufacturing plant allowing them to have transparency throughout the supply chain.

Multi-brand retailers benefit from RFID from the distribution center onwards. As RFID boosts especially in-store processes, retailers such as Liwa Group and Tara apply RFID tags to their products at their distribution centers.

Nordic ID RFID customers enjoy

  • Rapid stock turnaround
  • Fast service
  • Increased sales
  • Designed, delivered, sold

RFID in a garment's value chain

Reduction in out-of-stocks by 60% - 80%
Better inventory accuracy by 98% - 99.9%
Reduction in cycle inaccuracy by 75% - 92%
Reduced inventory carrying costs by 30% - 59%
Reduced receiving time by up to 91%
Improved conversion rate by up to 91%
Increased units/transaction and $/transaction by 90% and 6%
Increased sales from 4% to 21%

Source: ABI research

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