Inventory Management

Know Your Inventory at all Times

Inventory management is the most common use case for RFID on the shop floor. The product availability increases, which in turn leads to increase in sales. For example, Adler Modemärkte experienced a 2% sales boost after RFID implementation - they learned to fill the stock at the right time.

How much more would you sell if you knew exactly where your products are?

Turn merchandise into money:

High inventory accuracy ensures optimized stock levels resulting in

  • fewer O-O-S situations
  • selling less on discount

Fill on demand:

RFID read points accumulate data on products' whereabouts which allows you to

  • automate the replenishment process
  • optimize the fill of right product at the right place at the right time

Before RFID

  • Speed of counts: 250 scans per hour
  • Inventory accuracy: industry average 75%
  • Manual registration of products in goods receiving
  • Time spent on returns handling 60 min per return

After RFID

  • 100 times faster counts – 25 000 scans per hour
  • Inventory accuracy: 95-99%
  • Registration of goods no longer requires unpacking them
  • Time spent on returns handling 10 min per return

Retail in-store processes with RFID

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