Mobility in Supermarkets

Retail management systems and your employees walking down the aisle

Nordic ID mobile devices are the choice of convenience retailers. Introducing barcode scanners frees valuable working time. For example, our customers annually save 4.5 million working days, and that is only in their order-making process! To complement our wide-spread barcode devices, we invested heavily in RFID technology. Now, as a result, we support retailers' efforts in prolonging shelf life, managing their internal carrier logistics and ensuring product availability.

From man hours to automated processes

Bulk up the bottom line:

With RFID, all batches of consumables are unique making precise tracing possible.

  • Optimized shelf life according to the FEFO (first expired first out) principle minimizes your losses
  • Need to buy less carriers as they return home faster
  • Balanced stock through automated replenishment

From the back office to attending customers:

Customer service staff spends their time selling instead of running around as the following barcode processes have been mobilized.

  • on-the-shelf replenishment
  • stock check-ups
  • re-pricing
  • magazine returns
  • picking

Mobility in supermarkets

Let us help you design a solution that meets your needs

Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a industry-specific problem, or want to know more about a particular RFID reader, feel free to contact us right here. We will help you resolve your issues quickly and easily, getting you back to business.

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