Omnichannel Supply Chain

Keep your promise and deliver

A seamless operation between brick-and-mortar and online requires new fill processes, forecasting and returns handling. Your customers choose the channel for their purchase and any chosen channel needs to work. RFID is the key driver for delivering exactly what the customer ordered.

Do you trust your availability information?

Cash in on every sale

High inventory accuracy ensures:

  • selling to the very final item
  • customer loyalty

Drive efficiency in your supply chain

Having unique RFID read points that accumulate data on products' whereabouts ensures:

  • shared availability information throughout the supply chain
  • less double-check processes
  • click&collect services and filling online from stores
  • re-merchandising of returns 85% faster
  • significantly more accurate deliveries

Before RFID

  • False "not available" alerts although there are still a few items on stock
  • Slow returns handling
  • Discount sales due to overstocking and misplacements 

After RFID

  • No safety margin on availability alerts needed
  • Fast re-merchandising of returns
  • Shorter shelf life, better margins

Retail omni-channel and traditional brick-and-mortar work better with RFID

Let us help you design a solution that meets your needs

Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a industry-specific problem, or want to know more about a particular RFID reader, feel free to contact us right here. We will help you resolve your issues quickly and easily, getting you back to business.

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