Textile Rental

Outsourcing textile is a growing business, where the handling volumes are large and the demand for the efficiency is increasing. With RFID, easy handling in large volumes in goods-in, inventory, goods-out and laundry processes is acquired. RFID also enables accurate inventory and deliveries as well as fast reading of roll cages and big bags.


In textile and garment business, RFID can serve in different operations. Nordic ID RFID readers enable constructing customer specific mobile applications, such as goods-out and orders. Also automated item-level inventory and refills in work apparel storage are some benefits of RFID implementation. Fast item-level information for renewals eases the handling processes of the textiles.



In textile rental, another application is laundry services. In laundry services, a challenge is to verify the number of the returned garments and to identify them after they are washed, before they are sent back to their location. 

In laundry business, it is a common phenomenon that hotels, casinos and hospitals tag bed linen and work outfits. The storage space needed for the linens is reduced, as well as their lifecycle can be better tracked.

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