Digitalizing processes in Facility Management

Smart facility management with Nordic ID solutions

Since the Service and Solutions business kick off last year, Nordic ID has launched several RFID technology solutions that enable items to be tracked individually. As a part of the Innovations 2018 theme KauppaOptio, Finland's largest business magazine, did a story about our solutions for digitalizing asset tracking in facility management. By bringing a digital soul to every tracked item, we make routine operations a part of the IoT environment.

New generation smart RFID readers' are equipped with IoT -sensors. The data in these smart sensors can be read extremely fast and with a high level of accuracy, according to CEO Juha Reima. With a single transaction the data is delivered to a cloud service, where it can be analysed and further developed according to customer s’ different needs.

The smart solutions offer real time data on item quantity and their location. By individualizing item information we support our customers in their ambitions to decrease tied operating capital and increase delivery accuracy.

The digital identity of each item also increases safety and enhances customer experience. Items can be tracked through the whole supply chain and their origin verified. You can prove that for instance medicines, spare parts or design garments are originals and not fakes. With the solution developed by Nordic ID also workwear can be safely tracked throughout every step of a given process, such as from laundry to user and back.

An excellent example of safe workwear tracking is the smart workwear solution, that our customer Lindström has delivered to one of the largest hospitals in Finland. By signing in to the workwear storage with his personal key card, the user collects individually tagged workwear items, which he then later after use returns to the smart return station.

We also have delivered workwear and safety garments tracking solutions to food industry and to chemistry technology plants.

Together with our valued partners, we provide our customers smart solutions that are customized to meet their specific needs. “- We are investing heavily in IoT in order to offer our customers even more versatile tools / services for planning business proactively in the future. Digitalization lets us provide the customer with competitive advantage and to avail the development of new business models”, says Reima.

Link to Kauppa Optio Innovaatiot 2018 (In Finnish)

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