News: Nordic ID launches new UHF RFID reader – the Nordic ID EXA51

Salo, Finland: January 10th, 2017

We are excited to announce that Nordic ID launches the first UHF RFID reader of the Nordic ID Extensions for Smart Devices product family: The Nordic ID EXA51.

The Nordic ID EXA51 allows you to connect your existing smart device to the UHF RFID reader via Bluetooth low energy and achieve accurate and powerful UHF RFID performance on your reader. 

Nordic ID Product Manager Mika-Petteri Lundgren comments on the new product: “Due to the adaptive cross-dipole antenna, the Nordic ID EXA51 lets users enjoy outstanding UHF RFID performance on their own smart device. We are excited to offer our customers this lightweight UHF RFID reader with balanced weight distribution that operates a full working day on a single charge.”.

The Nordic ID EXA51 offers powerful reading performance and long battery life, these make it the ideal UHF RFID reader for heavy-duty inventory tasks. The Nordic ID EXA51 features an outstanding adaptive cross-dipole antenna and thus allows you to experience accurate and powerful data collection.

Product Highlights:

  • High performance UHF RFID capability for smart devices
  • Effortlessly connect any existing smart device to the RFID reader via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ergonomic design due to lightweight and balanced weight distribution
  • Effortless and secure locking mechanism for smart devices
  • Operates a full working day on a single charge


Enjoy the perks of heavy duty data collection with your own device!


More information:

More about the Nordic ID EXA51

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Join our Nordic ID EXA51 webinar

For our partners and customers, Nordic ID will organize a webinar where we introduce the Nordic ID EXA51 in detail

 Webinar date and link:

  • 7th of February 2017
  • Click here to access the webinar

If you are interested in taking part and need further information, please contact your Nordic ID Sales Professional.

In addition to the webinars we are present at the NRF 2017 with our new product.

NRF2017, New York City, NY, USA, January 15-17, 2017 NRF website

More about Nordic ID at the NRF 2017.



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