The perfect match - Nordic ID pairs RFID with Android

The launch of our new RAIN RFID handheld, the Nordic ID HH53, is the beginning of a new device era for Nordic ID. This is the first full all-in-one Android based reader that we bring to the market. We are very excited about our newcomer in the Nordic ID product portfolio!

The launch of our new RAIN RFID handheld, the Nordic ID HH53, is the beginning of a new device era for Nordic ID. This is the first full all-in-one Android based reader that we bring to the market. We are very excited about our newcomer in the Nordic ID product portfolio! 

We teamed up with Mika-Petteri Lundgren, our Director of Product Management, for a chat about our newest smart reader. He obviously was more than happy to share his thoughts on the brand-new handheld. 


Mika-Petteri, what do you find to be the best feature of the Nordic ID HH53, and why?

I really want to talk about how the Nordic ID HH 53 enhances the user experience. It has some fantastic features that really takes the user experience to the next level. The first one is the Android operating system! It is such a great benefit and makes the device very pleasant to use. The second thing with great impact on the overall user experience is our new powerful integrated module, the Nordic ID NUR2-1W. It enables extremely rapid reading of tagged items and state-of-the-art sensitivity providing excellent RFID reading performance. Combined with our innovative ACD antenna it covers reading distances from 1 cm up to 10 meters! This really caters for the most versatile use cases from full scale inventory taking to single item rapid scanning on the shop floor. I’m sure that the Nordic ID HH53 will be the preferred reader for item tracking and location in any of our customer segments. 


The slogan for the Nordic ID HH53 is Mobile smartness. What does it stand for?

Last year when we launched our smart handheld and fixed readers, we introduced the Smartness concept as a part of the Nordic ID Experience. Bringing smartness to our devices means that the amounts of data that can be collected rapidly is even larger than before. Also item specific data, such as location, service need, lifecycle related information, just to name a few, is easy to collect.

Nordic ID HH53 is a smart handheld reader running on an operating system familiar from the mobile world, so we found “Mobile smartness” to be a spot-on slogan, as it explains in a nutshell the benefits that our newcomer provides our customers with.


Why did you choose Android’s operating system as the platform for the new handheld?

For us, the customers’ needs are always a priority when it comes to developing our devices and services. Google’s Android holds the pole position amongst mobile operating systems, with a global market share of 87,9 %*. It is the most used operating system in smart phones and has been a market leader for years. With these facts on the table, the decision to go for an Android OS based device was obvious to us.

In addition, the Android OS is greatly utilized in different mobile devices, so the user interface is familiar to users all over the world. This supports a speedy deployment of new devices. Android provides a great user experience, too, and that is at the top of our list of requirements. This platform is also becoming increasingly popular in the RFID market and we definitely see a trend here. Many hardware providers have some Android compatible device in their portfolio. In our product portfolio the EXA-series supports Android and other major operating systems since 2016.


Who will benefit from the HH53? 

Customers that are looking for a state-of-the-art RAIN RFID reader with Android OS just got served the device of their choice!
This handheld really fits any occasion. The Nordic ID HH53 is like a chameleon, it easily performs heavy duty long-range reading for inventory purposes but is just as accurate and spot-on in short-range, single item scanning situations. The ACD antenna variant is a first-hand choice for customers that want excellent RFID performance. Take for instance a situation when large amounts of goods are delivered to a storage and need to be scanned. You really want to scan the boxes fast, especially if it is a large delivery. You’d also want the reading accuracy to be exact, in order not to have to open the boxes. This is a typical situation where the Nordic ID HH53 is the top choice for any retailer.

The light weight variant with the linear antenna is the most attractive alternative in cases where size matters. It is extremely compact, which makes it truly portable, and fits in just about any pocket. For instance, if a sales consultant on the shop floor needs to instantly check the information on a single item, the Nordic ID HH53 carries out the task in no time. Or, if a staff member in, e.g. a laundry needs to check single incoming or outgoing items this would be the preferred handheld.

From a developer’s point of view, the Android platform allows our customers to develop and customize software applications according to their need using already familiar development tools. They can start developing applications immediately utilizing a vast amount of code samples from the Nordic ID GitHub account. The feature rich Nordic ID demo application is preinstalled. For other requirements, there are a lot of ready -to-use Android applications easily available.


The HH53 resembles our Nordic ID Medea. What are the main differences?

The main differences compared to the Nordic ID Medea are the Android OS and the innovative Nordic ID NUR2-1W RAIN RFID module. The improved module provides a real boost to the RFID performance, allowing for up to 1000 tags / second to be scanned. Amazing isn’t it!? This is exactly the helping hand you dream of when you have thousands of items in front of you that need to be scanned in an instant.


How would you describe the Nordic ID HH53?

A great RAIN RFID handheld reader with industry leading RFID performance!

We really have to agree with Mika-Petteri! The Nordic ID HH53 handheld covers the most versatile user needs . The Android OS supports a fast and easy deployment and the familiar user interface enhances the user experience. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales or Mika-Petteri directly if you want more information!

You'll find more information on the Nordic ID HH53 product page   and in the press release. (Download below)



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