Musti Group, the leading pet specialty retailer in the Nordic Countries, is now serving their customers better than ever as they launched an RFID enabled loyalty program Biscuit, for dogs. Biscuit is a bone-shaped smart device attached to the dog’s collar, and it uses RFID technology to give dogs the best possible service in-store. The gadget creates and recognizes personal dog data such as the dog’s name, favourite treat, birthday and shopping history. RFID readers, which are placed in the entrance gates of the store, recognize the dog and notifies the staff so they can give the customer the best personalized service.

Inside the entrance gates of the shop are Nordic ID Sampo S2 UHF RFID smart readers and Nordic ID antennas. SMARTRAC has been the supplier of the RFID inlay used in the collar. The concept was developed by Musti Group, Juha-Matti Raunio, the Head of Innovation at TBWA\Helsinki, and Joachim Weckman from Nordic ID Oy.

Watch the introduction of Biscuit here.

The Smart UHF RFID reader used in the entrance gates: Nordic ID Sampo S2

” It has been a sweet journey developing the world’s first customer loyalty program using UHF RFID technology together with TBWA and Musti Group. Combining RFID technology and other analytical data gathering sources, we were able to accomplish something that has not been done before in retail. And the additional sweet part with this innovative customer loyalty program concept is that it was done focusing – instead of on humans – on a man’s best friend, the dog.” says Joachim Weckman, Area Sales Manager at Nordic ID.


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Joachim Weckman
Area Sales Manager, Nordic ID
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