RFID Antennas

In order to serve our customers with their solutions, we offer Nordic ID UHF RFID Antennas - a variety of antennas for your specific needs.

Nordic ID Flat Antennas

Nordic ID Flat Antennas

The Nordic ID flat antennas are thin in design and especially suitable for usage in refined retail environments, as well as indoor logistics, warehouse and manufacturing purposes.

Nordic ID Sampo S0

Nordic ID Sampo S0

Nordic ID Sampo S0 antennas come with a flat design. The antennas are easily integrated into the installation environment. Now available a wideband version supporting both ETSI and FCC UHF RFID frequencies.

Nordic ID  Special Antennas

Nordic ID Special Antennas

The Nordic ID special antennas are designed to meet diverse requirements. They are typically used in special single tag reading applications.

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