Make sure your RFID solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly with help from Nordic ID service and support. Our service team is here to make it happen.

Consultation and project management

Nordic ID offers consultation and project management support as a part of the product portfolio. Our expertise is available for you in order to help you plan your customized RFID system. We support you in recognizing and estimating the benefits of RFID in your project as well as we help you with the reader selection.

Our expertise is based on the fact that Nordic ID is a European forerunner in RFID technology. By looking at our reference cases you see that our offering and project support are unique. We are able to structure optimized solutions for each particular use case by evaluating the installation environment and by selecting a suitable set of readers. We are able to find the best combination of fixed and mobile readers as we recognize their strengths based on our experience in RFID implementation projects. Simply, we know where our devices perform the best.

Our support in retail business is visible – we are involved in several RFID retail projects. We understand the retail business and we offer customer-focused solutions. With our vast partner network , we are able to build RFID systems for the customers. When you need a complete RFID system, when you need product support, when you need help with the implementation, or when you need a partner – we are there for you.

In addition to the above, we also provide our support in RFID piloting. Successful piloting clearly shows the benefits of RFID, and as every business consists of different operations, piloting RFID will help your company understand how the technology should be applied to support particularly your processes the best. Nordic ID will help you recognize the correct RFID use cases in order for you to establish ROI the fastest possible/as fast as possible.


Operate your Nordic ID products with our support. We offer you a wide range of services, from foundation-level to strategic partnership. Whether you want to speed up implementation, boost efficiency, or deploy new business models and capabilities, Nordic ID support can help make it happen.

Repair service

When your Nordic ID device needs repair, always use only our Nordic ID Service or our authorized service partners. We want to make sure that your Nordic ID product serves you the best possible way, and by using our preferred service partners the quality of the service is trustworthy and the spare parts are original. This way the existing product warranty remains, and you receive a 3-month service warranty for the repaired devices.

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