7 days, 7 stores, 1 solution

GIKS Mode, a Belgian fashion retailer, was looking for an RFID system to boost sales and reduce shrinkage. The system had to be implemented with a tight schedule of only 7 days. RFKeeper's Plug & Play RFID solution featuring the Nordic ID Merlin was provided. Today, after the RFID implementation, GIKS Mode is able to control the entire supply chain’s inventory counts, including in the DC.

As GIKS Mode was in search of a swift RFID rollout, the benefits from the solution were also expected in a short time span. The multi-brand retailer already had decided that the tagging would be done in the central DC as it would bring maximal visibility throughout the supply chain. Easy integration with the existing systems (ERP, WMS and POS) was another criterion for the solution.  


Plug & Play RFID solution to the rescue

The RFID solution was provided by RFKeeper, a leading global provider of Plug & Play RFID solutions for fashion retailers. The items are first tagged in the DC, as GIKS has been doing for security purposes, and then delivered to the stores. The chain’s truck drivers use Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID which has RFKeeper’s Shipment Validation application installed. On the shop floor, RFKeeper's RFID detacher enables automated checkout, price check and item returns. It removes the security tag and halves the customer checkout time, which shortens queues and improves the overall shopping experience. To close the loop, this Plug & Play RFID system enables GIKS to perform counts in each of their 30.000 items stores in less than one manual working hour.



The inventory count procedure has gone through a huge transformation after the RFID implementation, as GIKS Mode conducts an accurate inventory count every month. As the inventory accuracy is now 99%, there is no need to allocate manpower for pre-counts or post-counts anymore. In logistics, the truck drivers using the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole state that the device is perfect for the retail-logistics environment – the mobile computer has both a touch screen and a physical keyboard, and it is easy to use.


Customer testimonial

"We deployed RFID in order to increase sales and reduce shrinkage. Today we can quickly perform counts in our stores every week, validate vendor shipments and monitor our supply chain. It gives me great confidence that we take the right management decisions based on accurate and up-to-date stock information." states Stefaan Allemeersch, General Manager at GIKS Mode. "Our employees instantly adopted it since it is intuitive and did not require changes in our daily working procedures." 


About GIKS Mode

GIKS Mode is a multibrand fashion store in Belgium, which is located in the Flemish part of the country. It has 6 shops (7 shops in February 2016) and one distribution center (DC). GIKS Mode employs 70 people and is a 100% family company. The assortment of the stores includes clothing for children, men and women including brands such as Esprit, State of Art, Street One, Vero Moda, Gaastra and S. Oliver. 


About RFKeeper

RFKeeper is a leading provider of supply chain management and loss prevention solutions. RFKeeper’s solutions use patent-pending, innovative “Passive+” RFID technologies to provide retail chains with inventory management, loss prevention, targeted marketing and sales, and supply chain visibility solutions. Many top retail chains have deployed RFKeeper’s field-proven solutions achieving tangible benefits such as increased sales, merchandise shrink reduction, and improved store profitability.

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  • Need for a quickly deployable RFID solution with direct benefits
  • Greater supply chain accuracy
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Avoid out-of-stocks (OOS)


  • Tagging at the central DC enables detecting vendor errors
  • Complete and fast inventory counts every month in all stores
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility
  • Better stock replenishment
  • Right product mix available on the sales floor


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