Explore how to unlock real-time inventory management, asset tracking, and advanced reporting with Nordic ID Radea – The IoT-Platform

Struggling with managing your flow and count of items? In need of support to optimize your flow of goods and assets? The Nordic ID Radea platform brings total transparency to your business processes.

The Nordic ID Radea is a turn-key solution ideal for taking inventory, locating items and all goods in-goods out related tasks. Plug and play modules streamline your item managing needs.

It’s a One-stop-shop for hardware, software and service.


Find out how to achieve inventory accuracy and improve safety, transparency and efficiency with our flexible cloud platform

This means you can grow revenue faster and avoid wasting resources.

Our mission is to show in practice how you can benefit from real-time inventory management, asset tracking, and advanced reporting to support your unique business requirements.

Book your Nordic ID Radea Demo and experience first-hand how accurate, on-demand inventory enables better decision making and accurate forecasting.

Let us show you how we can help you identify “The Right Amount”.


Real-time inventory for enhanced sales


asset visibility cloud software solution inventory real time data management overview IoT Internet of Things

The right amount

Easily identify what items you have, exact amount of items and the exact location.

RFID solutions Nordic ID real time inventory

High accuracy

For a real-time, 99 % accurate overview of your inventory from production to point of sale.

multi-channel real time inventory management


One inventory for all your shops enables to serve your multichannel customers from one inventory.

real time inventory solution stock balance software

Sell to the last unit

Always know your exact stock balance and no longer need to keep an expensive buffer.

discover Our Solutions

Nordic ID S/MART

The mobile all-in-one shop that takes care of itself! Nordic ID S/MARTs are a staff-free, extremely cost-effective vendor solution. Easy set-up and smart technologies mean that you can remotely sell or rent goods in a totally secure, cost-efficient and scalable way.

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Nordic ID InfoKiosk

Share stories about your products with your customers in a fast and easy way! This interactive Infokiosk touch table extends your opportunities to engage with and serve your customers. Nordic ID Infokiosk-your choice when customer engagement counts!

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Nordic ID Self-checkout

Enhance your in-store customer experience and sell more! With the Nordic ID Self-checkout, customers experience a rapid self-service checkout service in your store. No more bagging needed, simply scan the whole shopping bag in an instant at the checkout! Staff is freed to concentrate on what they do the best- serve customers and sell more.

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Nordic ID Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Nordic ID RFID solutions for retail

Goods in/out functionality

RFID solutions Nordic ID

Real-time inventory

asset tracking

Item location

RFID solutions RFID devices IoT

Goods return

Nordic ID Reporting and KPIs

KPIs and Reporting