170 fashion stores with RFID within half a year

The German fashion brand Adler Modemärkte has successfully introduced RFID in 170 stores and at their logistics provider. This was implemented in order to achieve higher revenue, improved process quality and better customer satisfaction. According to Adler, RFID helps them to increase revenue more than 2.5 percent.

About Adler

The Adler Modemärkte AG is the largest and one of the leading fashion retail brands in Germany. Adler is focusing on a large-scale retail with 170 stores, which take explicitly larger space than 1.000m2. Roomy aisle width, spacious changing rooms and rest areas characterize the dedicated customer orientation. In addition, Adler runs an own online store.

The product range regarding correct fit, style, functionality and quality targets mainly customers of an age higher than 45 years, which represents a steadily growing population group. Adler offers high quality products in the lower mid-price segment with an attractive price performance ratio. The product range varies from outer garment to underwear, both for men and women. In addition, the product portfolio comprises accessories, footwear, children’s wear, baby’s wear, traditional wear and general merchant. The majority of the sales items are store brands representing more than 90% of sales.



The RFID Sprinter Platform provided by sys-pro GmbH is the core of the solution. Before Adler, sys-pro GmbH has implemented solutions applying this system for instance in tracking and tracing, warehouse logistics, in-store logistics and sales counters. The basic idea of the system is that the RFID antennas record the transfer of the products from warehouse to the point of sale, protect against theft along exits and transfer product information for the sales counter. In the background, the RFID Sprinter supports automatic stock adjustments, continuous stock replenishment and several other activities.

A key element of the solution is the transparency of inventory on the shop floor and in the backrooms, which is achieved by using proven mobile products provided by Nordic ID. The mobile computer Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole covers various processes in the store, whereas the powerful Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole fulfills the requirements in the DC in an excellent way.

By utilizing RFID, the Goods-In at the stores could be accelerated from 60% to 80%, which increases the inventory accuracy and the availability of goods. The time saved through this can be used to serve customers. Moreover, whereas 70% of the time was spent for administrative tasks before RFID was introduced, this ratio diminished to 30%.


About sys-pro GmbH

sys-pro GmbH is a specialist in IT solutions for manufacturing, trade and retail companies. They create management possibilities going beyond the performance capabilities of other ERP systems – directly in the midst of the process itself. Real-time control and management options give the customers maximum stability and corporate efficiency. With the AutoID/RFID solutions, sys-pro GmbH ensures speed and security in all areas of manufacturing, distribution and sales.

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  • Achieve higher revenue
  • Improve process quality
  • Better customer satisfaction


  • Accurate inventory of all items in the store
  • Immediate replenishment from the back store to avoid out of stock situation
  • Improved order management to the DC
  • Substantial rise of revenue especially from NOS products
  • Remarkable rise of customer satisfaction by accelerated POS procedure
  • More time for staff to support customers
  • Improved and more cost efficient Electronic Article Surveillance
  • Remarkable enhancement of quality in all relevant logistic processes



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