Sell More. Spend Less.

Imagine the time and money saved when you have a real-time, 99% accurate overview of your inventory from production to point of sale. With our RFID Solutions, you can achieve total transparency on the flow of items, improve customer experiences, avoid out-of-stock situations and sell more. Forget the days of costly, lengthy, low accuracy administrative tasks, and let your staff spend time where it counts: with your customers.

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Asset Pooling

Gain real-time overview of circulating assets

You need to know what you have, where it is and who’s got it. From vehicle maintenance records to GPS timestamps, you’re in control of your entire asset flow with real time insight. Plug and play your unique data needs into our platform, and gain the time and money saving benefits of constant, real-time information on your entire stock.

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Optimize production according to need

A real time overview of the exact location and phase of all materials maintains your stock balance and avoids costly surplus. Stay on top of your entire stock flow with real-time accurate information. Instantly gain information on incoming materials, conduct accurate inventories in minutes or reduce lead time by simplifying complex shipping logistics. This is your one-stop-shop for a transparent and optimized manufacturing process.

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RFID hospitality solutions


leverage the potential of automation

If you are working in the hospitality sector, our solutions can help you with inventory and risk management. Real-time overview of all your assets will help you discourage theft, reduce waste, and optimize maintenance. You can also serve your customers better, with unmanned grab and go stores that can easily replace the less efficient minibar and lobby shop.

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Platform as a Service

A cloud based platform customized to your business

Everything you need to know is consolidated into our easy to integrate and deploy platform: a totally adaptable software that provides customized data to any system. Your digitally visible assets are accurately tracked, enabling you to optimize every aspect of your business. Select the exact modules that fit your needs and experience the advantages of total process transparency.

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What the experts are saying


“Nordic ID provides superior RFID solutions to help customers across different industries like manufacturing, asset management, and retail to manage assets with efficiency, reliability, and speed, unmatched
on the market.”

Ram Ravi, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

“Nordic ID has successfully overcome the challenge of enabling Radio-Frequency Identification technology to more efficiently address the tracking and tracing demands of customers across various industries worldwide. The company excels at providing RFID technology tools which both simplify and optimize asset management while also enabling full process transparency and around-the-clock monitoring.”

Ram Ravi, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

NORDIC ID devices

Our product portfolio consists of professional item tracking and data capture tools: wearable, mobile and fixed UHF RFID readers and writers, mobile HF RFID readers and mobile barcode readers.

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