Nordic ID Distributors

Discover Nordic ID distributors around the world.

Nordic ID distributors


AISCI Ident is a leading Value Added Distributor & Reseller for Auto-ID Technology in Germany. More than 3.000 active customers are relying on our consulting, support and services.


BlueStar is the leading global distributor of solutions-based Digital Identification, Mobility, Point-of-Sale, RFID, Digital Signage, Network Infrastructure, and Security technology. BlueStar works exclusively with value-added resellers, providing them with complete solutions, business development and marketing support.

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Cisper is an international distributor of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) products and systems. AIDC products range from specialized RFID products to systems combining UHF RFID with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Nordic ID distributors

Sheng Hero Corporation

To help clients who has various operation problem by presenting solution and proposing system promotion of streamlining.
To set the environment people can work comfortably so that they make the most of individuality, become professional group, discover and improve new ability.
To aspire to becoming company conducts business to make the sound profit continuously and contributes the society.


Electro-Com brings years of combined industry experience in component design, applications engineering, manufacture, quality assurance, systems implementation, logistics and customer service to your doorstep.


Technowave provides an innovative Auto ID technology in UAE, headquartered in UAE with operations in Middle East and India. Technowave was established in the UAE in the year 1999 with offices in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and India. With humble beginnings in providing affordable security system in Dubai, catering to the retail sector the company has emerged as a specialized Auto ID and data capture technology solution provider offering a suite of enterprise mobility applications. Using barcode/RFID technologies we address specific business needs such as in-store automation, inventory tracking, fixed asset tracking and warehouse automation.


CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident security packaging helps the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers and retailers transport cash safely and securely. And our inventory protection and visibility solutions help retailers protect their merchandise better and run their operations more efficiently. As a second-generation family owned business, with a history of stable growth and a reputation for strong customer focus, CONTROLTEK continues to deliver on its core promise every day: provide solutions that protect and always be the people that deliver.


Intensecomp has years of RFID and GPS wireless tracking implementation experience, ready to deploy solutions and we keep RFID readers and tags in stock. Contact us to get your RFID solution implemented and get more done with RFID.


SAIT is a quality company, certified ISO 9001: 2008 with TUV (No. 50 100 7555) for the following field of application: design, development, integration, configuration and assistance of management software and telecommunication systems. Quality, competence and innovation represent our fundamental values.


TPLUS RFID is one of the leading and leading companies of the sector. It has produced countless solutions in textile and apparel applications. There are end-to-end solutions for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, warehousing and retailing. With its highly experienced staff, it carries out turnkey applications both by hardware and by software.


BetaTrac Telematic Solutions (BTS) is an innovative designer and development house of Geo-Visual location based Safety Security software platforms and solutions. BTS founded in 2002, with extraordinary vision, saw a gap and created a Mobile SAFETY security surveillance platform, world first and specifically tailored for around the Security Guarding industry, vehicle surveillance goods on the move and logistic chain management in with Real-Time, through Geo-Visual image capture and transfer, called AIMSS (Analytical Intelligent Mobile Security Systems).

PRO Component

Ydinosaamistamme on kokonaisvaltainen palvelu. Toimitamme asiakkaiden tarpeiden mukaisesti laitteet ja ratkaisut haluttuun ympäristöön, kuten kauppoihin, teollisuuteen ja logistiikka-alan yrityksille. Ratkaisumme ovat kassajärjestelmiä IT-laitteistoineen, tiedonkeruun ratkaisuja oheislaitteineen sekä käsipääteratkaisuja eri toimialojen tarpeisiin.



EET Europarts is part of the EET Group, founded in 1986, and today one of Europe´s leading distributors within IT, Security & Surveillance, Home Entertainment and Lifestyle Electronics.