Handheld readers

Fast, mobile and accurate! Keep the data in the palm of your hand and manage your item flow real-time with our mobile barcode and RFID reader devices.

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RAIN RFID Fixed readers

Our fixed RAIN RFID readers help you keep track of even the most complex large-scale supply chain item flows.

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RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements

Connect your smart devices to the RAIN RFID devices of our Enhancements family. Enjoy accurate data collection at the speed of light.

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RAIN RFID antennas

We offer a variety of RAIN RFID antennas for your specific needs supporting your in-store and storage solutions.

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RAIN RFID Reader Modules

The core of the high performance of our devices lies within – it is the embedded Nordic ID RAIN RFID module.

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Our PaaS solutions bring your items to the IoT space and provides you with real time insights abourt your item flow.

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