Nordic design is about designing for customer comfort and ease of use, long-lasting durability, and dependable manufacturing quality


Nordic ID has always designed, developed and manufactured RFID devices in Finland. And of course every Nordic ID product comes with our commitment to customer service.

The user of a Nordic ID reader might be anywhere in the world. He or she might be using the device all day, every day, for years. That device has to maintain its sensitivity, reliability and dependability under real-world conditions.

Using the Android operating system, developing devices supporting modularity that withstand rough handling, we are able to future-proof design. This is how we are advancing our commitment to sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Handheld readers

Fast, mobile and accurate! Keep the data in the palm of your hand and manage your item flow real-time with our mobile barcode and RFID reader devices.

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RAIN RFID Fixed readers

Our fixed RAIN RFID readers help you keep track of even the most complex large-scale supply chain item flows.

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RAIN RFID fixed reader RFID reader

RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements

Connect your smart devices to the RAIN RFID devices of our Enhancements family. Enjoy accurate data collection at the speed of light.

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RAIN RFID reader enhancement smart RFID reader

RAIN RFID antennas

We offer a variety of RAIN RFID antennas for your specific needs supporting your in-store and storage solutions.

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RAIN RFID antennas RFID antennas RFID devices

RAIN RFID Reader Modules

The core of the high performance of our devices lies within – it is the embedded Nordic ID RAIN RFID module.

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RFID devices RAIN RFID reader RAIN RFID modules


Make the most of your item data! Our IoT platform for item data consolidation keeps you up to date on where your assets are, what and how much.

Explore how you can benefit from real time insight into you item flow