Our mission is to bring every single item a digital identity, to make it digitally visible.

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Our mission is to bring every item a digital identity, making your entire asset flow visible, accessible and transparent in the IoT cloud.

Finally, you have an easy and flexible way to manage your flow of items. Our cloud based RFID solutions are always backed by amazing customer support and the most advanced technology the industry has to offer. We offer customizable, scalable solutions for a variety of industries, helping companies of every size to cut costs, increase customer satisfaction and sell more.

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DEvices for fast, accurate and reliable item information.

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Nordic ID has been in business for over 30 years and has helped dozens of companies to prosper. Browse our customer case stories to learn how different companies and industries have used our RFID solutions to manage their flow of assets and benefit measurably.


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ITEM DATA MANAGEMENT BY SMARTWATCH FREES YOUR HANDS FOR OTHER TASKS   As the first company in the world, we are leveraging our RFID technology expertise to smartwatches! Our RFID application lets you track and locate your items real time with the help of a smartwatch. Usually item identification is performed with designated readers, our solution utilizes RFID technology in smartwatches. “The benefit of using a smartwatch instead of a traditional reader is that it frees your hands. Wearable readers...

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