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Since 1986 customers around the world have turned to Nordic ID for the most reliable and user-friendly RFID asset tracking solutions. Our cloud platform offers them real time insights on their asset flow, even for the lifecycle of every single item.

Nordic design and engineering means that our solutions are based on the needs of our customers and easy to use. You can trust that we understand what matters to you.

Our teams work with companies of every size to track items, manage inventories in real-time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Let’s discuss your challenges, and we will share what we have learned that can help.

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DEvices for fast, accurate and reliable item information.

Nordic ID has always designed, developed and manufactured RFID devices in Finland. And of course every Nordic ID product comes with our commitment to customer service.

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Every year Nordic ID helps both large and small companies all over the globe to solve their asset tracking and management challenges.

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“RFID solutions today collect data – in future, RFID solutions are a tool to implement and enforce correct processes and actions within the business.” RFID has reached the tipping point of becoming a widely accepted and reliable technology to identify items, assets, and people. RFID is a “silver bullet” to increase sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of various businesses. However, for RFID to reach its full potential, adopting RFID needs to be made easier for companies across the globe....

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