Every article you own can be located at any time using our industrial laundry RFID solution. With it, you can enable more productivity, more business and more sustainability by solving common laundry challenges.

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DEvices for fast, accurate and reliable item information.

Nordic ID has always designed, developed and manufactured RFID devices in Finland. And of course every Nordic ID product comes with our commitment to customer service.

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Every year Nordic ID helps both large and small companies all over the globe to solve their asset tracking and management challenges.

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The choice between fixed vs. handheld RFID readers is not always crystal clear. However, when investing in RFID technology in a retail setting, it is important to choose the right devices. The RFID readers are seldom the costliest element, but they are the part of the whole that is enabling item data to be captured. This expert article looks at retail use cases to offer some guidelines on when to choose handheld readers and when to go for fixed readers.

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