We know RFID, so you don’t have to.

Track your reindeers, track your personnel, track your products.

Whether you need visibility on your products, heat monitoring on complex components, more efficient value chain or faster logistics,
RFID is the solution for you.
We use the RFID technology we love to build the best solutions for your needs.

With three decades of pioneering innovative RFID solutions, we will find the right solutions for you needs.

Hassle-free RFID implementation for your needs.

Solving your everyday problems with innovations to make your processes more efficient, transparent, and effective.

Know where your stock is 24/7

Are you not 100% sure in which of your stock locations across the globe your products are?
With the 24/7 visibility you can sleep soundly at night.

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Quickly locate your items

Struggle locating your items in your warehouse?
RFID solutions ensure the right items get tagged, tracked and loaded for delivery, every time.

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There are many ways to lose a product: in transit, by theft, or by being lost in a corner of your warehouse.
You can prevent this with different RFID innovations.

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Have proof of your deliveries

Is someone complaining even though you are sure you sent everything? Automated proof of delivery ensures that all products end up exactly where they should be.

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Medanta laundry & textile care

Increased speed and needed visibility on the entire value chain

“Nordic ID has provided us with a customized RFID solution that perfectly aligns with our service-based business needs. The RFID solution gives us real-time visibility throughout the entire service chain. This allows us to optimize our washing process, maintain high hygiene standards, and ensure prompt delivery of clothing.”


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Looking for a better way to manage your laundry operations, or want to get eyes on your retail value chain?

We’ve developed RFID innovations for many industries for over 10 years. Find out our solutions and tips for your industry below.

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