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Item-level visibility in rental pool circulation with RFID

Roldo Rent, Dutch-based supplier of rental moving equipment, wanted to improve item-level visibility when starting to rent smart move boxes directly to consumers. With the partner Mieloo & Alexander, they ended up with an RFID system, which enhances the item-level tracking of the moving equipment pool.

Roldo Rent decided to go for UHF RFID tracking system for several reasons. As consumers were soon able to rent the smart move boxes directly from Roldo Rent, improving the item-level visibility was crucial. They also wanted to allow customers to improve control in the assets rented, and also to improve logistical operations inside Roldo Rent. Moreover, Roldo Rent was looking for a solution that would reduce losses, improve inventories in the depots and increase the efficiency of the administrative processes, and also to enable Roldo Rent’s expansion with rental and logistics services to other industries and their clients.


The initial idea of the RFID deployment was that each Roldo Rent asset would be tagged, all depots would be equipped with mobile RFID computers, and all in-and-out transactions would be registered uniquely at item-level. The system integrator, Dutch Mieloo & Alexander, supported Roldo Rent from the sketch by implementing technical tests; choosing suitable RFID tags and RFID readers. The Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole turned out to be the best option for the use case. The solution includes also a cloud based RFID Server Application and integrated applications for the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computers.

The data gathered through mobile RFID computers is sent into the ERP system of Roldo Rent (Navision Rental+), which maintains and updates the item-level inventories and balances. The system allows the company to perform inventory counts more frequently, which in turn increases stock accuracy and reduces losses. In addition, in-and-out transactions become registered more accurately and faster than before.

“Nordic ID’s Morphic readers provide a very stable and well performing solution for the rental depot operations of Roldo Rent,” states Sander Merkx, Director of Mieloo & Alexander.


Roldo Rent is specialized in the rental of moving equipment like roll containers, moving boxes and dollies, moveable filing cabinets and a variety of other, auxiliary materials. Roldo Rent operates a pool of more than 150.000 assets which are supplied to a customer base of over 800 moving companies in the Benelux and DACH areas, from 21 depots. The moving equipment is collected and returned by movers themselves, or delivered/collected by Roldo Rent.

With the introduction of the smart move box, a lightweight, foldable box entirely made from sustainable materials, Roldo Rent will also start to supply sustainable moving equipment to consumers directly. The headoffice of Roldo Rent is located in Ermelo, the Netherlands.

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Images by Mieloo & Alexander, Roldo Rent

Images by Mieloo & Alexander, Roldo Rent


  • Improving item-level visibility
  • Allowing customers to improve control on the assests rented
  • Improving logistical operations inside the company
  • Reducing losses and increasing the efficiency on the administrative processes
  • Providing a higher added value to the moving industry as a logistics provider
  • Improving inventory in the depots


  • Increased stock accuracy
  • Reduced losses
  • Rental balances can be settled faster and in a more accurate manner
  • Increased efficiency of administrative and inventory processes in the depots


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