Nordic ID Product End-Of-Life Notice

Nordic ID PRODUCT END-OF-LIFE announcement

Our Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld devices have evolved and served our customers for over a decade. Microsoft has ended the support and it is our time to take this knowledge and apply it. We are not continuing the evolution but starting a revolution for data collection devices.

This EOL is a bit different because we are streamlining our product portfolio and providing our flagship Nordic ID HH83 Android device as the best choice for replacement. We realize that a platform discontinuation is unique and the Nordic ID HH83 rises to the challenge.

Nowadays business processes require more processing capacity and flexible hardware and software platforms. The new Nordic ID HH83 is achieving both, thanks to a full redesign of these discontinued Windows mobile devices.
Nordic ID HH83 is available in Barcode and RFID + Barcode versions, but the key is the “Future Proof” flexibility the device provides: the latest Android release, the ability to upgrade from Barcode variant to RFID, the NFC read/write capability and so much more is now in your hands. Join the revolution and make the transition to the Nordic ID HH83 as smooth as possible, our sales and technical support teams are ready to help and to answer any questions.

And of course, if there is still some need to purchase Windows devices to make this transition smoother, we will be still delivering those until the end of this year (LTB – last date to order the product:  31.10.2019).






Nordic ID Product EOL timeline


Learn more about the Nordic ID EOL Notice including the product model listing.


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