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Curious to see in practice how total transparency on the flow of items improves retail and asset pooling operations? Join the Nordic ID roadshow in one of our European locations to find out how.

Step in the Nordic ID truck and experience first-hand how accurate, on-demand inventory enables better decision making and accurate forecasting.

This means you can grow revenue faster and avoid wasting resources. Our mission is to show in practice how you can enhance customer experiences and extend your opportunities for meaningful engagement with your customers.

Whatever solution is the right fit for you – we bring it to your doorstep. Book a meeting with us, the Nordic ID roadshow will show you how we can help you identify “The right amount”.


RFID devices RFID software RFID solutions Germany 25-26 April 2019 Düsseldorf, Germany

RFID devices RFID solutions Belgium29 April 2019 Brussels, Belgium

1-2 May 2019 Retail Expo. London, UK

6 May 2019 Boras, Sweden

7-8 May 2019 Elfack. Gothenburg, Sweden

9-10 May 2019 Stockholm, Sweden

14-15 May 2019 World Retail Congress. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

RFID devices RFID software RFID solutions Germany 17 May 2019 Berlin, Germany

RFID Devices RFID solutions Poland21 May 2019 Warsaw, Poland

RFID solutions RFID devices Austria24 May 2019 Wien, Austria

RFID soluzioni piattaforma RFID per la moda logistica e trasporti28-29 May 2019 Richmond Retail Business Forum, Rimini, Italy

RFID devices RFID software RFID solutions Germany 3 June 2019 München, Germany

RFID devices RFID software RFID solutions Germany 5-6 June 2019 Herzogenaurach, Germany

RFID soluzioni piattaforma RFID per la moda logistica e trasporti 11 June 2019 RAIN RFID Alliance Europe 2019, Firenze, Italy

RFID devices RFID solutions Spain 14 June 2019 Barcelona, Spain

RFID devices RFID solutions Spain 17-18 June 2019 Madrid, Spain

dispositif RFID Nordic ID solutions RFID 20 June 2019 Toulouse, France

dispositif RFID Nordic ID solutions RFID 24 June 2019 Lyon, France

dispositif RFID Nordic ID solutions RFID 26-27 June 2019 RFID in a Day, Paris, France


*The schedule may be subject to changes


Nordic ID Retail solutions self-checkout infokiosk smart shelves

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Nordic ID S/MART

The mobile all-in-one shop that takes care of itself! Nordic ID S/MARTs are a staff-free, extremely cost-effective vendor solution. Easy set-up and smart technologies mean that you can remotely sell or rent goods in a totally secure, cost-efficient and scalable way.

Read more about the Nordic ID S/MART

Nordic ID InfoKiosk

Share stories about your products with your customers in a fast and easy way! This interactive Infokiosk touch table extends your opportunities to engage with and serve your customers. Nordic ID Infokiosk-your choice when customer engagement counts!

Read more about the Nordic ID Infokiosk

Nordic ID Self-checkout

Enhance your in-store customer experience and sell more! With the Nordic ID Self-checkout, customers experience a rapid self-service checkout service in your store. No more bagging needed, simply scan the whole shopping bag in an instant at the checkout! Staff is freed to concentrate on what they do the best- serve customers and sell more.

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Nordic ID asset pooling solution real time inventory asset tracking

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Nordic ID Solutions asset tracking asset pooling inventory management inventory visibility self checkout

Track and Trace

inventory management asset pooling inventory life cycle

Goods in/Goods out

RADEA RFID Solution PaaS platform Internet of Things industrial IoT asset management inventory tracking

Real-time inventory

item location RFID item tracking retail asset pooling

Item location

goods return asset management rfid solution retail

Goods return

asset pooling solution RFID unmanned rental station asset management

KPIs and Reporting