NUR driver (v128) for Nordic ID Morphic 3.7.0

This patch contains NUR API v1.9.19, NUR-L2 firmware v5.15-A and XNUR firmware v3.7-C.

PAK 128 / FW 5.15-A, 18.4.2019

  • Added indonesia region

PAK 126 / FW 5.14-A, 3.1.2019

  • Japan LBT adjust
  • Added multiple command parameter validity checks
  • Added NXP UCODE8 tag Brand ID support

PAK 125 / FW 5.12-A, 11.6.2018

  • EPC conformance corrections
  • Antenna specific power settings fixed
  • New regions
    • South-Africa
    • Taiwan
    • Israel region adjusted

PAK 124

  • Added autotune reading from registry

FW 5.10-A, 9.3.2017

  • Fixed regression in tagtracking functionality introduced in fw v5.8

FW 5.9-A, 8.2.2017

  • Fixed regression in inventory functionality

FW 5.8-A, 19.1.2017

  • Added Bahrain region
  • Fixed single band production tune
  • Fixed china region pll locking

FW 5.7-A, 1.12.2016

  • Region lock changes: custom hoptable accepted if the given frequencies are found in the currently locked region’s frequencies
  • Added new inventory + read feature: TID/XTID based reading during inventory
  • Added Hong Kong region
  • Added Israeli region
  • Japanese region’s required channel changes (highest dropped in 500mW version)