Track your assets with the RADEA.IO RFID software

RADEA.IO Track & Trace

Track your assets with the RADEA.IO RFID software

A generic easy-to-use software for a custom easy-to-implement RFID solution

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  • Turnkey – automate item tracking in one day
  • Cloud based – manage your RFID devices anywhere
  • Infinitely flexible – fits any market or business


Track and trace features

  • Get automatic item location updates based on last detection by an RFID reader
  • Receive automatic alerts when products enter or leave a certain location
  • See how often an asset is removed from its location – or, in other words, how many times it is used
  • Locate assets faster

Inventory management features

  • See asset history (changes in properties and locations)
  • View the available quantity of a given product in each location
  • See items (assets or inventory) in each location

RADEA.IO keeps things simple

RADEA.IO Track & Trace is an out-of-the-box ‘track and trace’ and inventory management software that perfectly integrates with Brady RFID readers.

We Finns like to keep things simple and effective. Based on two decades of experience, Nordic ID designed the  RADEA.IO software to easily keep track of any asset or inventory level. It can be used in the cloud via the Internet, made available on your private cloud, or installed on your on-site ICT infrastructure.

RADEA.IO molds to your deepest desires. Users can customise the software with their own logo, define their own product attributes in line with their business, and create custom categories to group their products.

And it works fast too. Slap an RFID label on any asset, watch it assume its new digital identity, and voilà: it’s already been automatically registered into the system. Or register it manually if you’re old-school like that – it’s easy either way.

Connected RFID readers can easily be assigned to a location in RADEA.IO. The readers will then automatically detect any RFID-labelled item and send this information to the RADEA.IO system, which will keep track of item locations. Simple and effective, the Finnish way!

Users can be given different access privileges, from viewing items to administering the RADEA.IO setup. The entire software is designed with security in mind and provides each customer with their own secure environment, completely separate from other customers.

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