Software: RADEA.IO  /  RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements

Automate your processes with RADEA.IO, our intuitive and customisable RFID software package. 

It is time to stop wasting hours or days doing inventory, item, product and/or asset tracking as now you can automate all of this in 1 day with RADEA.IO.  RADEA.IO is an automated inventory and item tracking cornerstone. Together with RFID readers and labels, it is part of a seamless and affordable technology ecosystem that can be adapted to the needs of your business.

Get the visibility on your processes that you’ve always dreamed off. Easily categorise assets, products and items. Add locations and give them names that fit your processes. Turn your screen into a studio where you can watch your workflows in real-time overviews that update every second.


  • Count, locate and check items in seconds with real-time visibility at your fingertips.
  • Easily adapt the software to your challenges with rich and practical customisation.
  • Automate your inventories and tracking for up to 1000 items in 1 day.
  • Customised categories to present items and locations in ways that are most meaningful to your business. Without the need for any programming.
  • See the location, time at location and count of all your RFID-labelled items

Track and trace features

  • Automatic item location updates based on last detection by an RFID reader
  • Automatic alerts when products enter or leave a certain location
  • See how often an asset is removed from its location, or in other words how many times it is
  • Find assets faster

Inventory management features

  •  See asset history (changes in properties and locations)
  • Quantity of a given product in each location
  • See items (assets or inventory) in each location

ICT versatility

RADEA.IO is standard available as a cloud application that does not require any installation. The software can however be installed on proprietary ICT-systems and networks.

RADEA.IO also offers an API-key to integrate it into existing systems to facilitate additional processes, including auditing, purchasing, distribution and logistics.


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