Discover the potential of RFID in hospitality for asset tracking and inventory optimization. Hotels around the world are increasingly looking at better ways to manage their constant item flow and reduce waste and lost items. RFID allows you to track any item anywhere, anytime, and provides real-time information about every single item. At Nordic ID, we work with leaders in the hospitality industry to ensure their needs are met with custom solutions that address the challenges our customer face.

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Hotels often struggle with maintaining control of all their assets. With hundreds of guests and a constant flow of items moving in and out every day, inventory management is often overlooked, and losses due to theft and neglect just accepted as part of normal operations. What if you could track every item you need to account for and know at any time where each of them is, track replacement and maintenance, and automate all data collection in real-time?

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Hotel lobby and gift stores are some of the best opportunities to leverage the potential of RFID in hospitality. Imagine a fully automated, unmanned store that can easily identify customers and allow them to peruse and purchase items anytime. Our unmanned store concept is very flexible and can span a full convenience store or just a wall of carefully selected items.

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Unlock the complete overview of all your assets in multiple locations and countries, and eliminate overstock and out of stock. Do not lose track of your items and increase visibility for more advanced forecasts and reporting, better theft prevention, and optimized inventory management.

Our hospitality RFID solutions 

Nordic ID S/MART

The all-in-one shop that automates the shopping experience! Nordic ID S/MARTs are a staff-free, extremely cost-effective alternative to staffed hotel lobby stores. Easy set-up and smart technologies mean that you can remotely sell goods in a totally secure, cost-efficient and scalable way.


Read more about the Nordic ID S/MART and download the white paper.


Discover Nordic ID S/MART



Discover the potential of real-time inventory and asset tracking with Nordic ID Radea, the cloud-platform that can be easily customized and help you unlock 100% inventory accuracy. Manage your inventory in real-time and never lose track of an item again.


Read more about the Nordic ID RADEA and download the white paper.


Discover Nordic ID Radea

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