Nordic ID S/mart  – The all-in-one shop that automates the shopping experience

Nordic ID S/MARTs are a staff-free, extremely cost effective vendor solution. Easy set-up and smart technologies mean that you can remotely sell or rent goods in a totally secure, cost efficient and scalable way. The flexibility of an automated shop means that you can now prosper in the locations that wouldn’t be cost efficient for a traditional store. Meanwhile, you’ll gain new customers with a store that’s always open, easy to find and simple to maintain.  

Nordic ID S/MART automated store mobile shop unnamed store

Broaden your customer base and sell more

Open up an unmanned shop in locations that were once prohibitive. You can now serve customers wherever they are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nordic ID self-checkout automated self checkout smart self checkout

Unmanned self service check-out points

Reduce queue times by 90%, integrate multiple, automated points of sale and increase the volume of paying customers. Routine tasks now happen in a fraction of the time so your staff is freed up to serve customers and sell more.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions Platform cloud software RADEA asset tracking

Easily scale up

Adding additional units is simple. You can always easily move to a new location or extend store open hours

RADEA RFID Solution PaaS platform Internet of Things industrial IoT asset management inventory tracking

No more out of stock

Real-time information supports keeping the right products and the right amounts in stock.



Nordic ID S/MART automated store unmanned shop

Download the Nordic ID S/MART Infographic and discover the potential of our unmanned store concept

Download the S/MART White Paper and find out how automating the shopping experience can boost your profits and improve the customer experience.


Nordic ID S/MART White Paper unmanned store white paper automated store white paper

Take a tour in an unmanned RFID-based self-service store powered by Nordic ID

Nordic ID S/MART Infographic unmanned store infographic


Key Functionalities

RFID solutions Nordic ID

Real time Inventory

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Connection to existing 3rd party systems

Nordic ID Self-Checkout

Self-service checkout

Nordic ID RFID solutions for retail

Goods in/out functionality