Self-Service Retail solutions

SELF-SERVICE RETAIL SOLUTIONS ENABLE total transparency on the flow of items, AND LET’S you improve customer experiences, avoid out-of-stock situations, and sell more.


Benefits OF OUR RFID self-service RETAIL SOLUTIONS

 Always have access to real-time inventory information, and increase sales.

retail solution Nordic ID customer satisfaction inventory automation

More satisfied customers

Our clients have 11% more satisfied customers thanks to more available products and instant on floor digital assistance. They also experience better service due to increased staff availability, and 90% shorter queue times.

real-time inventory automation inventory management

Enhanced Customer experience

Staff can now spend time with customers instead of getting wrapped up in administrative tasks. Our platform automatically manages tasks like POS, item location, and inventory.

real time inventory solution stock balance cloud platform

Maintain perfect stock balance

You can now take inventory in a matter of minutes, anytime, anywhere, and experience an 18% increase in inventory accuracy. 

real time inventory solution stock balance software

Get rid of extensive stock buffer

Retail operators can bring down their stock inventory by 25-30%. With real time inventory, You’ll always know your exact stock balance and no longer need to keep an expensive buffer.

retail RFID solutions Nordic ID platform service

Run your operation with less staff

Everyday routine tasks can now run automatically. Time consuming jobs like inventory, staff at check out and searching for items are a thing of the past.

multi-channel real time inventory management

One inventory for multiple channels

With our solution, you can now serve your multichannel customers from one inventory. Save costs and time now that you don’t need costly separate inventories and storage.

Our RFID retail solutions


Nordic ID S/MART

The all-in-one shop that automates the shopping experience! Nordic ID S/MARTs are a staff-free, extremely cost-effective vendor solution. Easy set-up and smart technologies mean that you can remotely sell or rent goods in a totally secure, cost-efficient and scalable way.


Read more about the Nordic ID S/MART and download the white paper.


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Nordic ID InfoKiosk

Share stories about your products with your customers in a fast and easy way! This interactive Infokiosk touch table extends your opportunities to engage with and serve your customers. Nordic ID Infokiosk-your choice when customer engagement counts!


Read more about the Nordic ID Infokiosk and download the ebook.


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Nordic ID Self-checkout

Enhance your in-store customer experience and sell more! With the Nordic ID Self-checkout, customers experience a rapid self-service checkout service in your store. No more bagging or queuing needed, simply scan the whole shopping bag in an instant at the checkout.


Read more about the Nordic ID Self-checkout and download the case study.


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Key Functionalities

RFID solutions Nordic ID

Real time inventory

Nordic ID RFID solutions for retail

Goods in/out functionality

asset tracking

Goods location

RFID solutions IoT

Connection to existing 3rd party systems

Nordic ID Self-Checkout

Self-service checkout

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