A real time overview of the exact location and phase of all materials maintains your stock balance and avoids costly surplus.


Gain total process transparency

With our platform you’ll gain total transparency on your assembly, production and manufacturing processes. Get real time information on the location and amount of raw materials you have, and never run out of materials or overstock unnecessarily.

Enhanced Customer experience

Ensure that you always have the right amount of parts or materials needed in the correct locations to optimize the manufacturing process.

Speed up lead time

Real time information on the flow of materials brings you the transparency you need to cut out the warehouse and send materials directly to shops. Speed up production with total track and trace of in-transit items and serve your customers faster than ever.

Instantly find the right part when you need it

Locating parts at the right time means you speed up the production process.

Run your operation with less staff

Maintain high quality, security and safety standards now that you can accurately validate item authenticity every time. When you have the right parts, your product is always safe to use.

Key Functionalities

Real time Inventory

Goods in/out functionality

Goods location