Brady EXA81

Devices: Brady EXA81  /  RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements


Read and locate 1000+ items per second within 15 metres.

It is time to stop wasting hours or days (and manpower) doing inventory or hunting for assets. The EXA81 turns any smartphone or tablet into a personal radar that makes it easy to locate all your RFID labelled items, assets, tools and equipment within 15 metres.

The EXA81 smartphone and tablet add-on turns mobile devices into personal radars. With EXA81, retail and logistics markets receive a powerful UHF RFID reader that is compatible with all common operating systems. The EXA81 offers powerful reading performance and long battery life, these features make it the ideal UHF RFID reader for heavy-duty inventory tasks.


  • Best mobile RFID reading capabilities
  • No battery swaps: works 24 hours on a single charge
  • Read UHF RFID labels from up to 15 metres, and easily scan barcodes and 2D codes.
  • Compatible with a wide range of smart devices that can be linked wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3 or with USB-C cable
  • Mount to any smart device using screws or Quadlock
  • Scan quickly: ergonomic pistol grip with trigger enables fast and easy scanning all day long

Exa81 features



Combine your Nordic ID RFID reader with the Nordic ID Demo App and explore the most common RFID applications. The Nordic ID Demo App lets you explore easy demonstrations of RFID inventory, write, authenticate and locate functionalities.


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Combine Nordic ID Smart Wear App with your Nordic ID EXA series RAIN RFID reader for easy demonstrations of RFID inventory,  write and locate functionalities. Compile inventory lists of your tagged items and discover how RFID can easily guide you to a specific item, while keeping your hands free.


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