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NORDIC ID NUR modules are developed by Nordic ID and are available for anyone wishing to build their own RFID reader solution.

We provide the module in different formats; as an SMD component or mounted on a PCB for easier integration. For development purposes, the innovation board provides the fastest way to test the module capabilities and to start the software development.

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NUR modules


Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 is a compact UHF RFID reader/writer SMD module. Its small footprint and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for everything from battery driven mobile to fixed RFID readers. Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 is compatible with the ISO18000-63 (EPC Class 1 Gen 2v2) standard. The module meets the requirements of ETSI, FCC and IC radio regulations. Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 is also compatible with the DRM (dense reader mode) requirements.


  • Output power +27dBm, adjustable in 1dB steps
  • Low power consumption
  • UART and USB 2.0 communication
  • Antenna autotuning
  • Autosensing inventory parameter possibility
  • 5 programmable GPIO with event trigger
  • Selectable receiver decoding, link frequency and transmitter modulation (ASK/PR-ASK)


Nordic ID eNUR-05WL2 PCB embedded module is designed to reduce the time for designing new RFID readers. Nordic ID eNUR-05WL2 is fast and easy to implement into new or existing designs, eliminating the fine pitch placement of SMD component and reducing the overall cost. The cost-effective integration makes the Nordic ID eNUR-05WL2 PCB embedded module an ideal choice for everything from battery driven mobile to fixed RFID readers with multiple antennas.


  • NUR-05WL2 module mounted on a PCB module with minimal footprint
  • Physical connectors for easier non-automated integration
  • 4 MMCX antenna ports


evaluate the features and the performance of our Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 RFID module. Additionally the innovation board allows starting the software development required for integrating the module into other devices.


  • A complete platform that provides an easy way to evaluate our NUR-05WL2 RFID module

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