Devices: Nordic ID EXA21  /  RAIN RFID Reader Enhancements


Meet the Nordic ID EXA21 – The portable RFID reader that is easily connected to any compatible Android/iOS Smart Device or to Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth low energy. Its lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design makes on-the-go data reading easier and more comfortable than ever before.

Nordic ID EXA21 is a versatile UHF RFID reader that can be fastened in various ways: on the back of a POS card reader, worn with the wrist strap, on your belt with the clip or installed where the optical sensor can trigger a read. This allows you to keep both of your hands free so you may work with ease.

Nordic ID EXA21 offers optimal read ranges for its primary use cases: flexible checkout transactions, easy in-store item location, and instant shipping incident reporting.



  • Thin and lightweight UHF portable RFID reader
  • Connect to any smart device effortlessly using Nordic ID Smart Pair
  • Smart automatic reading capabilities for effortless operation
  • Enabling distributed mobile PoS applications
  • Make check-out queues a thing of the past by enabling mobile payments




Combine your Nordic ID RFID reader with the Nordic ID Demo App and explore the most common RFID applications. The Nordic ID Demo App lets you explore easy demonstrations of RFID inventory, write, authenticate and locate functionalities.


Get the Nordic ID Demo App for Android

Nordic ID Demo App for iOS


Combine Nordic ID Smart Wear App with your Nordic ID EXA series RAIN RFID reader for easy demonstrations of RFID inventory,  write and locate functionalities. Compile inventory lists of your tagged items and discover how RFID can easily guide you to a specific item, while keeping your hands free.


Get the Nordic ID Smart Wear App for Android

Discover the potential of Nordic ID EXA21

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