Nordic ID Sampo S3

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The mainstay of retail RFID – the all-in-one Sampo S3 

Uncompromising RFID performance 

Reliability, ease-of-use, and speed. These are the breed qualities of the legendary, all-purpose Finnhorse. The Nordic ID Sampo S3 delivers these very same promises.  

You won’t need any external hardware with the Sampo S3: just one reader covers your entire point-of-sale. Its slim, lightweight chassis conceals an integrated antenna and reliable, fast edge computing. Don’t settle for less: choose eight years of proven, uncompromising performance. 

Your all-in-one RFID solution for retail 

Get access to an RFID reader, antenna, and computer in one package. Just one Sampo S3 RFID reader at your point-of-sale has you covered – there’s no need for any other external hardware.
Whether your RFID setup requires an under-table or on-wall mounting, the Sampo S3’s slim, unobtrusive design is the perfect choice. Installation couldn’t be easier with integrated mounting points and the ability to power the Sampo S3 through an Ethernet cable. 

Over eight years of proven performance 

The Sampo RFID reader is a generation-defining device for retail.

A self-sufficient powerhouse 

Get the most performance for your money and guarantee your peace of mind. The Sampo S3 hosts the same high-performance RFID module as our top-of-the-line FR22 IoT Edge Device. 

Nordic ID Sampo s3 Highlights

  • All-in-one RFID solution – With an integrated antenna and edge computing, you won’t need external hardware 
  • Time-proven performance – The Sampo line has delivered over eight years of uncompromising performance  
  • Lightweight, sleek design – The device’s unobtrusive design lets you easily mount the device in nearly any position 
  • Easy installation – Integrated mounted brackets and Power-over-Ethernet make setup simple 

Sampo S3 qualities


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Why Sampo S3?

Discover the next evolution of the Sampo line: the Sampo S3 fixed RFID reader. With S3, you get more RFID performance and reliability for your money.
In this video, Paul Murdock, an RFID expert explains why we came out with the new generation of the Sampo device and how it differs from the previous generation.

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