RFID Tracking revolutionizes textile production at Medanta

RFID tracking has revolutionized textile production at Medanta, a Finnish company specializing in clothing for businesses and their employees. Over the past 15 years, Medanta has been at the forefront of the workwear industry, known for its antimicrobial garments and exceptional maintenance practices. In their commitment to sustainability, Medanta has implemented an RFID solution that significantly enhances transparency in their operations.

According to Medanta’s founder and CEO, Anu Kivelä, “Nordic ID has provided us with a customized RFID solution that perfectly aligns with our service-based business needs. With our laundry service operating in Jämsä and Pirkkala, and customer service based in Helsinki, the RFID solution gives us real-time visibility throughout the entire service chain. This allows us to optimize our washing process, maintain high hygiene standards, and ensure prompt delivery of clothing.”

Real-Time Tracking ensures transparency and efficiency

Real-time tracking has become crucial for Medanta’s business due to the complexity of textile production. Anu explains, “Without the RFID solution, we would lack a comprehensive understanding of our production chain. This system not only reduces manual labor but also enables us to prioritize customer service and maintain high production quality. Our commitment to exceptional service guarantees that we deliver microbiologically clean garments to our customers on time and to their specified locations.”

Medanta laundry & textile care

Tracking the production chain is an essential aspect of Medanta’s sustainable business practices. The company is renowned in the fashion industry for its commitment to textile safety, environmental friendliness, and ethical principles. By leveraging the data obtained from RFID tracking, Medanta gains valuable insights into the product life cycle and further enhances the sustainability of their offerings. Anu adds, “We conduct product life cycle assessments and optimize maintenance and washing programs for each item. Our dedication to transparency drives us to provide comprehensive reporting to all stakeholders, as it holds immense significance for us and our customers.”


Comprehensive RFID Tracking system drives business development

The comprehensive RFID tracking system not only drives business development at Medanta but supports their growth initiatives. Medanta appreciates their confidential cooperation with Nordic ID, a trusted partner that understands their needs. The RFID solution has become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day operations of the fashion company, playing a crucial role in their current operations and pursuit of future growth goals. Anu concludes, “Collaborating with Nordic ID has been incredibly fulfilling. They genuinely care about our business and provide valuable expertise to support our development. The RFID system operates seamlessly, and its implementation was effortless due to the thorough training provided. We see great potential for further advancements with the system as it enables our growth and expansion. I highly recommend Nordic ID as a trusted partner. Our collaboration with Nordic ID has left us with a positive impression and a deep sense of satisfaction.” says Anu kivelä.

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