NUR Firmware 5.16-A (NUR-05W-L2 / NUR-10W modules)

Firmware file for NUR-05W-L2 (0.5 Watt)/NUR-10W (1Watt) UHF RFID module used in Nordic ID readers. Please click Read more button for update instructions. NUR-05W-L2/NUR-10W firmware can be updated only to readers with firmware versions 4.x and 5.x

2019/06/14 NUR-L2-application-v5.16-A

  • Support new hardware revision (PE6490X) Indonesia region fix

2019/03/14 NUR-L2-application-v5.15-A

  • Fixed Sampo S2 low gain reader RFON led
  • Added indonesia region

2019/01/03 NUR-L2-application-v5.14-A

  • Fixed regression in tag singulation introduced in 5.13-A

2018/12/14 NUR-L2-application-v5.13-A

  • Japan LBT adjust
  • Added multiple command parameter validity checks
  • Added NXP UCODE8 tag Brand ID support

NUR-L2-APPLICATION-V5.12-A 11.6.2018

  • EPC conformance corrections
  • Antenna specific power settings fixed
  • Added South-Africa region
  • Added Taiwan region
  • Israel region adjusted

NUR-L2-APPLICATION-V5.10-A 9.3.2017

  • Fixed regression in tagtracking functionality introduced in fw v5.8

NUR-L2-APPLICATION-V5.9-A 8.2.2017

  • Fixed regression in inventory functionality