NUR Firmware 7.10-A & SecChip (NUR2-1W module)

Firmware file for NUR2-1W UHF RFID module used in Nordic ID readers. Please click Read more button for update instructions. NUR2-1W firmware can be updated only to readers with firmware versions 6.x and 7.x

2020/03/24 NUR2_APP_7.10_A

  • Fixed custom hop table init from flash
  • Fixed BlockWrite (0x35) command parsing
  • Fixed Untraceable / hideEpc field parsing
  • Added capability to return EPC during InvRead even if there is memory overrun error

2020/02/17 NUR2_APP_7.9_A

  • Added support for max TX power per region
  • Improved responsiveness in Sec Chip error situations
  • Improved TX power calibration speed

2019/11/11 NUR2_APP_7.8_A

  • Fixed slow command handling during streaming
  • Improved Sec chip NVM update
  • Calibration values backed up on host NVM
  • Corrupted packet resend request mechanism added
  • Indonesian frequencies changed
  • Gen2v2 command support
    • optional commands Authenticate, Untraceable and Blockpermalock added
    • requires sec chip release
  • IRQ handling improvements

2019/03/13 NUR2_APP_7.4_A

  • USB connection after PC suspend fixed
  • Japan region fixed
  • Indonesion region added
  • RSSI filter setting fixed

2018/12/11 NUR2_APP_7.3_A

  • Added LBT, listen before talk support for Japan
  • Added block write support
  • Added support for NXP proprietary commands (EAS, ReadProtect, EAS Alarm)
    • requires secondary chip release
  • Optimized Inventory Auto Q performance
  • Optimized NurApi Ack handling
  • Added recovery for secondary chip OEM flash area corruption case

2018/11/01 NUR2_APP_7.2_A

  • Added NXP UCODE8 tag Brand ID support (needs at least sec chip v3.0.0.3)
  • Added Custom Exchange command support (needs at least sec chip v3.0.0.3)
  • Added multiple command parameter validity checks
  • Added secondary chip version number to DevCaps message
  • Fixed incorrect MODULE type in FWINFO cmd


2020/03/24 SecChip_3.3.2.0

  • Added ScanChannel support

2020/02/17 SecChip_3.3.1.0

  • Improved frequency hopping
  • Fix AB target during inventory

2019/11/11 SecChip_3.3.0.0

  • Added support for Gen2v2 commands Authenticate, Untraceable and Blockpermalock
    • requires at least NUR2_APP_7.8_A release
  • Buffer handling improvements

28-May-2019 SECCHIP

  • Fixed LBT bug

27-May-2019 SECCHIP

  • Fixed auto Q algorithm in case single inventory round took over region channel time

12-Mar-2019 SECCHIP

  • Added FWINFO
  • Added capability to limit EPC length
    • requires at least NUR2_APP_7.4_A release

11-Dec-2018 SECCHIP

  • NXP Proprietary command support (EAS, ReadProtect, EAS Alarm) added
    • requires at least NUR2_APP_7.3_A release
  • Fixed NXP Brand ID with Auto Q