Nordic ID RFID Keyboard Wedge v1.1.3

A keyboard wedge application for Nordic ID UHF readers. With the application, it’s possible to read tags and feed the tag data into an active input field.

v1.1.3 (2020-03-25)
– Fixed inventory stream timeout

– This version works also with NUR FW version 3.7-C
– NurApi: 1.9.24, NurApiDotNet: 1.9.13

– Shows correct TX level (500mW vs. 1000mW)
– Added Data Output StartDelay and TypingDelay
– XML settings are saved at once (increases speed a lot)
– NurApi: 1.9.21, NurApiDotNet: 1.9.11

– Now it’s possible to setup more then 4 auxiliary antennas
– Fixed PeriodSetup issue

– This version works also in 32 bit system.

– A small bug fix.

– This version works with Oracle’s SDG and IBM’s terminal software.

– Added opportunity to start wedge automatically.
– Added {RETURN} and {TAB} on the encoding format list.
– Added support for RF-Profile setting (NUR2).
– Added DebugEnabled on the settings XML.
– Added Import, Export, and Restore settings buttons.
– Supports default settings XML file (NurWedge.xml). Can be put into the installer or installation folder.
– Wedge checks active Form, and in the case of Wedge itself, it doesn’t send a keys strokes. This code could be reusable with allowed/prohibited application list.
– NurApi: 1.9.17, NurApiDotNet: 1.9.7

– NurApi:, NurApiDotNet: 1.8.3