Adler retail RFID Case Study Nordic ID

“RFID helps us increase revenue by more than 2.5%”

-Adler Modemärkte

The Company

Adler Modemärkte AG is the biggest retail fashion brand in Germany. This large-scale retail company has 170 1,000 ㎡ stores. Roomy aisle width, spacious changing rooms, and comfortable rest areas characterize the customer experience. The company also runs an online store.

The Challenge

Case Study Adler by Nordic ID

Large amounts of time and human resources were taken up by administration tasks. In order to gain higher revenue, better process quality and increased customer satisfaction, the company wanted to optimize those resource heavy administrative tasks with RFID technology.

The solution

The company introduced RFID at 170 stores and to their logistics provider. RFID antennas record the transfer of the products from warehouse to the point of sale, protect against theft and transfer product information for the sales counter. The technology also supports automatic stock adjustments, continuous stock replenishment and several other activities.


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  • Accurate inventory of all items in the store
  • Immediate replenishment from the back store to avoid out of stock situation
  • Improved order management to the DC
  • Substantial rise of revenue especially from NOS products
  • Remarkable rise of customer satisfaction by accelerated POS procedure
  • More time for staff to support customers
  • Improved and more cost efficient Electronic Article Surveillance
  • Remarkable enhancement of quality in all relevant logistic processes