Logistics RFID Case Study Colmar

“Nordic ID readers offer the best performance available on the market, and that was a key element for the overall success of the project.”

-Carlo Carminati, Sales Senior Manager for SAIT

The Company

Colmar is a long-standing Italian urban and sportswear company founded in 1923. They have collections for men’s wear, kids and women’s wear. Their aim since day one has always been to produce clothing that combines state-of-the-art technical research with comfort and style.
Their technology partner in this demanding project was the Italian IT company SAIT.

The Challenge

Colmar needed to optimize the receiving and shipment of goods, automate the counting and verification of items and support packing and shipping operations.

The solution

Various procedures/activities within Colmar’s logistics were upgraded with RFID technology. Garments are now individually tracked from the earliest phases. The construction of gates and tunnel RFID enabled mass reading of received and dispatched items. The existing ERP system of the data was easily integrated with a new logistics platform, and packages and shipments were individually tracked.

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The benefits

  • Optimized operations’ goods reception
  • Improved accuracy of controls
  • Tracking of individual garments
  • Streamline the composition of packages
  • Increased accuracy of shipments

Download and learn how to:

  • Optimize operations’ goods reception
  • Improve accuracy of controls
  • Track individual garments
  • Streamline the composition of packages
  • Increase accuracy of shipments

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