RFID Retail Case Study Gerry Weber

“Each garment care label now carries an RFID tag and electronic product code… We’re experiencing zero shrinkage in transport, less than 1 percent stock-out situations and we’ve reduced theft while saving money on security.”

-Christian von Grone, CIO at Gerry Weber

The Company

Gerry Weber is one of the best-known fashion and lifestyle companies with almost 1,270 company-managed stores and sales spaces, 2,480 shop-in-shops and 270 franchised stores worldwide as well as brand online-shops in nine countries. With some 6,900 employees worldwide and distribution channels in over 60 countries, the GERRY WEBER Group is one of the largest fashion companies in Germany.

The Challenge

With an expensive supply chain and logistical network, the large retailer needed an increased efficiency in inventory and stock taking, as well as a remedy for transportation shrinkage and stock-outs.

The Solution

The company opted for a complete RFID supply chain integration: each care label of every garment now carried an RFID tag and was tracked from production to sale with 99% accuracy.

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The benefits

  • Impressive inventory accuracy of 99 % achieved
  • Reduced costs; lower shrinkage and higher transparency, faster goods in, more sales and lower security costs
  • Increased speed and precision allowing employees to focus on serving customers

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