RFID Retail Case Study Nordic ID

“I know where every product is at any given time, and in the future all of my customers will know it too.”

-Richard Haig, CIO and CTO at Herman Kay

The Company

Herman Kay Company has been in the fashion business for three generations. They manufacture & market, coats and outerwear, for major high-end brands like BCBG, DVF, London Fog, Michael Kors and Anne Klein. Their products can be found at large retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Bonton and Dillard’s.

The Challenge

Originally, the company relied on staff to visually sort products and identify human errors throughout its vast international production and distribution networks. Visibility and accuracy were essential throughout the process. However, relying on human staff to identify products and errors in this extensive network led to wasted time and resources on a massive scale.

The solution

Herman Kay decided to minimize the chance of human error, avoid time-consuming mistakes and aim for increased visibility by tracking garments through all phases of production and shipping.

The benefits

  • Increased delivery accuracy
  • Increased accuracy in picking and shipping
  • Catch errors before they occur
  • Less possibilities for human errors
  • Enables tracking of a garment through all production and shipping processes
  • Decrease in charge backs


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