RFID Case Study Nordic ID

“RFID technology is very flexible, meaning that the system can evolve. It’s also a very discreet way of doing things. When you have a product such as a luxury chocolate, every aspect of the packaging must be carefully considered and attuned to the brand.”

-Olivier Steinberg, STEL

The Company

Legendary Parisian Chocolatier, Patrick Roger, has nine high-end chocolate boutiques. Eight in Paris, and one in Brussels.

The Challenge

The company was looking for a barcode-free packaging solution that would combine functionality with great aesthetics. With it, they needed to improve logistics and inventory, boost the data flow of their chocolate boxes and enhance in-store customer experiences.

The solution

With RFID tags, each chocolate box could be tracked from factory to cashier. In the summer of 2015, 20,000 boxes arrived from China, fully equipped with the RFID tags. Ultimately, they had a real-time database for their chocolate operation that followed each box and shipment from its production all the way to its purchase.

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The benefits

  • Tracking the boxes in real time, at each step
  • Data accumulated into the central database
  • Primary boost for stock management
  • Improved aesthetic look