RFID Case Study Skanska

“With this RFID system, we are able to monitor all the people entering and exiting the construction site and we are able to do it fast and accurately. The system is easy and care-free to use.”

-Anssi Siitonen, Production Engineer at Skanska

The Company

Skanska AB is one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups. They currently employ 48.500 employees in Europe and in the US. In Finland, their operations cover construction services, residential and commercial project development, including constructing the subway network in Helsinki area.

The Challenge

When constructing a subway tunnel in Finland, construction giant Skanska wanted to monitor the personnel moving in and out of construction sites more effectively.

The Solution

Surveillance cameras and RFID readers were installed at all entry and exit points that workers used to get in and out of the construction site. This automated system replaced the traditional timecard system and prevents errors in personnel checking in and out.

The benefits

  • Human errors minimized
  • Up-to-date information on personnel movements
  • Improved time management on personnel checks
  • Decreased labour hours for the management


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Download and learn how to:

  • Minimize human errors
  • Get up-to-date information on personnel movements
  • Improve time management on personnel checks
  • Decrease labor hours for the management

skanska case study rfid for accuracy and visibility