RFID retail case study

“Implementing the RFID solution from Nordic ID and Front Systems has given us an exceptional control over our stock.”

-Ken-Ole Olsen, Manager of a Follestad AS retail store

The Company

Tara – Espen Dronsett is an exclusive women’s clothing store in Oslo. Follestad AS is an exclusive retail chain with 8 stores selling menswear and womenswear with retail stores located in and around Oslo. Follestad Valkyrien is a store owned by Follestad AS. Høyer AS is a retail chain with about 25 stores located in and around Oslo, Arendal, Larvik, Stavanger and Trondheim.

The Challenge

Many smaller retail store chains or standalone boutiques also face the challenge of time-consuming and labour intensive manual tasks. Inventory is challenging because it is very time consuming yet has a low manual success rate. The major challenge was to find an easy to integrate, cost-effective and time saving system to aid in the stock count processes.

The solution

Many stores are now equipped with an affordable, reliable and fully integrated RFID solution. All items are tagged. The technology keeps track of stock and aids in inventory, making the process is considerably faster and more accurate.

The benefits

  • The Inventory process that once took 40-60 labor hours now takes 60-80 minutes
  • Inventory accuracy was previously around 60 %, and is now 99.9 % accurate

Download And learn how to:

  • improve operations so that store personnel can spend more time serving customers
  • find a cost-effective and time saving system to aid in stock count processes
  • achieve higher stock accuracy


Case Study TARA by Nordic ID